The First Prime Minister of British

Margaret Thatcher The Iron Lady

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In a world that is filled with upper natural male super heroes, like superman, bat man and iron man we are here to uncover for you the story of a real life super lady that is famous as “iron lady” in British Politics. And if there were ever a woman worthy of the title than it would be Margaret Thatcher.

Here is what’s in store for you in this bibliographical piece researched from the nuks and corners of history:


Did you know that there are principles that are known as Thatcherism? Yes these principles that are named after Thatcher. These include the belief that individual liberty and economic freedom are interdependent, that hard work and personal responsibility are the only paths that lead towards national prosperity, even the fact that a free-market democracy has to stand firmly against any form of aggression. These ethics, codes or beliefs or whatever you would like to call them provided her the firm grounds which she stood strong on to rule over the nation for so many years. Even her strongest critics respected her for what is now known as Thatcherism.

Oops, before we get carried away with her achievements let’s give you a brief on her early childhood, education and how she became to be the “iron lady” of her nation.

The Daughter of a Grocer politician

Margaret Thatcher was named as Margaret Hilda Roberts. The lady was born on Oct. 13, 1925, in Grantham, Lincolnshire not far from London. Her father owned a grocery store and was himself a son of a shoemaker. Alfred Roberts Thatcher’s father was also a local politician and a great Methodist preacher. Methodism refers to hard work, personal responsibility and traditional moral values.

Politics was in her bloodstream

Margaret always said that politics was in her bloodstream”. In 1946 after becoming a member of the Oxford University Conservative Association she became its president. In 1947 Thatcher graduated with a master’s degree in chemistry, and started work as a chemical researcher while studying law.

Early political career

At the young age of 23 Margaret Thatcher entered politics, and was selected as a Conservative candidate for Parliament. In 1949 she met Denis Thatcher, who was at the time a former artillery officer along with being a great businessman. Mr. Denis Thatcher was also decorated for his bravery during the 2nd World War. The couple got married in December 1951. In August 1953, and are survived by twins her, along with grandchildren.

Margaret Thatcher Europe’s very first woman prime minister

Margaret Thatcher was Europe’s very first prime minister who was a woman. She was the only British prime minister of the 20th century that won three consecutive terms. When she resigned as Britain’s longest prime minister who continuously served, she was responsible for accelerating the evolution of the economy liberalism and became the most popular and accomplished British political leader ever since Sir Winston Churchill.

First term in office

The main achievement of her first term in office was economic in nature. Margaret Thatcher managed to eliminate some of the governmental regulations along with business related subsidies thus abolishing the inefficient firms resulting in a dramatic unprecedented increase in unemployment. Even though the inflation in the country decreased by the end of her first term as PM while the output also rose.

Privatization of the state-owned industries

Thatcher privatized the state-owned industries and most of the public services, including television, aerospace, gas and electricity, water, the state airline, and British Steel not to mention radio. At the end of 1980s, individual stockholders tripled, with the government selling the 1.5 million housing units that were publicly owned to their tenants.

Thatcher had won the election for a second term as a Prime Minister in a landslide victory with a parliamentary majority of 144 over 42 percent of the vote.

Iron lady’s 2nd tenure as PM

The second tenure of the iron lady’s tenure was mostly marked by a burning controversy over Britain’s growing relationship with the European Community (EC). In the year 1984 Thatcher succeeded, in reducing Britain’s contribution to the budget of European Community. After winning her third electoral term in 1987, Thatcher adopted a more hostile attitude towards the European integration which dividing her Europe supporting party became divided, with some of the senior ministers leaving the Cabinet over that issue.

A third term as PM during 1987

After being elected to a third term in 1987 Thatcher’s government lowered income tax rates to lows of postwar rates. On November 14, 1990, the former Defense Minister Michael Heseltine challenged Thatcher for the leadership of the party, mainly due to the differences of opinion they had on the European Union.

Thatcher at the time managed to win the first ballot but by a too small of a margin. But on that particular night some of her cabinet members visited her individually urging her to resign. Thatcher officially resigned on November 28 and made sure that John Major instead of Heseltine.

Last days

Thatcher still remained active in parliament until 1992, at that time she entered the House of Lords and started to write her memoirs. Thatcher did not appearance in public after she suffered numerous small strokes in the early 2000s, but her influence till remained very strong.

Margaret Thatcher left this world on April 8, 2013, when she was 87 years old.


Margaret Thatcher was a lady who solely was responsible for setting the Great Britain on a rightward economic progress oh not to mention her remarkable role in an unprecedented victory in the Falklands war. She single handedly unburdened the country when it was burdened by budget deficits, heightened inflation, and a whole lot of industrial unrest, raising her bar in popularity amongst the masses and her tenure that finished off with a revolt amongst her very own cabinet ministers. Margaret Thatcher the iron lady passed away in April 8, 2013, London.



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